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Google Insights show that 66% of people attending a live event engage in online activities during the event with check-in, comments and follows/likes & +1’s being the primary actions. Make your event accessible on smartphones with EventBuoy and give users a better experience when attending your event.


30% of attendees look up future events
after they’ve attended a live event.

16% of attendees +1/follow/like

17% check in to an event

20% make a related comment or post

Majority of Attendees spend 2 weeks
researching before making a purchase


What Clients Say

“We prefer leveraging the capabilities of the phone, and giving the user a better experience. Infact, we say ‘Available Offline’, because Webapps are dependent on the Internet.” One size fits all” approach doesn’t cut it for us, so why should you?” -NASSCOM

"On behalf of all of us at the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and on my personal behalf, we would like to thank you for taking IACC to the digital platform and making it accessible to wide-array of cross industry members and non-members."


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